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Indaco Systems sites are visited and appreciated by hundreds of thousands of visitors per month:;
Through these websites, our company makes available to professionals in the legal, accounting, human resources, and people interested in the Romanian legislation, legislative news and information necessary for understanding and applying legal regulations. and recorded over the last two years steady growth, reaching to occupy the top two positions in the "Legislation" and important places in the overall standings.

Target audience:
- Specialists in legal, financial - accounting, tax and human resources that work daily with the law and need a quick Legal Information;
- Any individual in Romania wishes to inform the national legislation, to find the latest news from business, read the latest legislative (legislative change their views on regulation, best practices, case, etc.);
- People who have a business in Romania and who should know the legal requirements for its successful deployment.
- Any public institution that wants to be kept informed about legislative changes and how they should be applied.
- Any company in Romania, irrespective of its size - as legal and accounting departments require legislative daily briefings to make the best decisions in the work they perform.

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